Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life is hard, but it's beautiful!

I have a friend whose husband is moving out soon. That is heartbreaking to me. They have a 3 year old daughter. I have no idea what she must be feeling right now, except that my heart aches for the pain she must be going through. When someone is going through a hard time, many people ask "why" and might not understand why God would let that happen. Not just divorce, but in any struggle or need. I already know why bad things happen; it's called sin. It's you and me waking up every morning and deciding to do what feels good instead of what is right. We cause pain in other people's lives just like they cause pain in ours. But God does not leave us there. The beautiful part is that God can use us to ease the pain for others and he uses others to help ease our own pain. It's an amazing thing that happens to people when they are aware of someone else's need. The wildfires in Bastrop last year mobilized hundreds, if not thousands, of people to clean out their closets & pantries in such a way that too much was donated! Can you believe that? There was so much stuff they couldn't give it all away! See there - something bad turned into a beautiful display of love and compassion.
I don't know what to say or do for my friend, but I love her and I know God will tell me how I can help if I will stop thinking about myself long enough to hear it. And maybe some of my friends reading this have some suggestions for ways I can help her too :)

so, i'm blogging...

Where do I even begin? This is not my first time to blog, but let's be honest, my first blog attempt was so long ago I didn't even know where to find it, so I just started this one. It most likely had no more than three posts, so no big loss.
I've been asked on more than one occasion if I have a blog. For some reason there are people out there who care what I'm thinking. I guess I understand, as I feel that way about other people, but my mind is such a whirlwind most of the time, a blog by me could be too disjointed to interest anyone. But what the heck, here we go!
This blog won't have a theme, because I just don't have time to organize blogs into themes. One girl, one blog, all my mess! I'm sure along the way I'll talk about crafts I'm working on, raising 7 kids, having an awesome marriage, running a small cleaning business, singing, reading, word games, math, God. So if you're willing to expose yourself to such an array of mind muddle, welcome to the freak show! This blog's for you :)