Friday, November 2, 2012

Stressful September

I recently realized I am a month overdue on blogging about my Seven fast for September: Stress. That month was special.  I felt it deep down.  A centeredness.  A focus on what really matters.

September was a CRAZY busy month for us as a family. The twins were playing 7th grade football with before school practices; they are also in band with after school practices; Carter had flag football; Paden, Fox, and Carter started soccer season; Zion was in dance class; Carter, Zion, and Titus were in the swim league; Carter and Zion are in choir (at 2 different elementary schools); Jack was putting in studio time on his upcoming EP; Leif kept making dirty diapers for me to change lol Did I mention work, school, and church? We did those, too! I even managed to find time to feed everyone every day. You're amazed, aren't you?

I don't often feel "stressed" but I do feel busy and rushed (um, read above.  duh.).  I get so focused on all the tasks that I forget about the big picture. Some might say it's counterintuitive to add more "things to do" on your daily list to help relieve stress. The only way I could even keep up with pausing 7 times a day was to set the alarm on my phone to go off every 3 hours.  I learned that by day 3, after rushing right on past the times I was supposed to stop and pray, wondering how anyone could possibly remember to do that, and then realizing how amazing technology is.  Once I got that nifty little tool on my side, it was smooth sailing.  With so much going on, I desperately needed time to quiet my mind. Resting in God gave me the mega dose of patience I needed to make it through. 

Each pause had a theme that was just right for that time of day.  I'm tearing up just thinking about it.  It feels so good to be in God's presence.  To stop and talk.  And listen.  And seek His guidance and wisdom and will.  To be reminded of what matters, what I should be focused on, and how I can turn all my tasks and errands and busyness into glorifying Him. Wow.  He is good. 

And what a great training exercise.  I don't have alarms set on my phone anymore, although some days I really need them.  But I find myself praying more often throughout the day, and asking God to lead me.  I'm also more eager to read scripture (probably the biggest weakness in my faith). 

I would encourage everyone to do all of the 7 fasts that I went through (errr, even the one I kinda skipped....oops)  Maybe not for a whole month each, but maybe a week, or even two days each.  I'd love to know if anyone else has tried any of them, or would like to.  And I'm more than happy to share my copy of the book :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Grocery shopping. Oh, the humanity!

I have really been dreading going grocery shopping lately.  I used to love it.  It was a chance to get out of the house, see other grown-ups, look at new things.  Now it's just  unwanted time away from home, an errand that I would rather not do.  Today was one of those days.  I was supposed to go to HEB.  We needed some things from Sam's, too, but that was going to be tomorrow's errand.  A trip to HEB usually runs about one and a half hours total with drive time.  I can do Sam's in an hour.  So today I gave Paden the choice of which one to go to, and he opted for Sam's.  His reasoning - "Can I get a cookie if we go to Sam's?" 
"Yes, of course." 
"Let's go to Sam's!"
Knocking 30 minutes off my errand time was good enough for me, even though I would not enjoy Sam's any more than I enjoy HEB.  So now HEB will be for tomorrow.  Already bummed about it.

Isn't it just too much?  It's overwhelming.  It's disgusting.  It's so easy for me to drive 10 minutes and have a million food choices at my finger tips.  There are children in my town hungry today.  I don't know who they are.  I want to make casseroles for their families.  If you know them, tell me the address to drop off dinner.  How can they also live 10 minutes (or less) from so much food & not have any of it.  We are so blinded by all the excess that we fail to see the need. Hunger is evident in Africa, in South America, in those commercials of children in foreign countries who need sponsors.  Please sponsor one!  But don't forget the families here that are hungry, too.  They are harder to find.  They hide their need well.  Pride is a funny thing.  If you don't know where they are, give to your local food pantry.  Please give healthy items. 

Which brings me to the next thing I hate about grocery shopping. I see overweight people pushing carts full of junk food.  Babies strapped in eating cheetos.  Toddlers carrying a coke bottle.  Don't confuse this with judgement.  I could stand to lose a few pounds myself.  Who DOESN'T like eating cookies & drinking sodas? Where did this food come from?  Why is it sold in disturbingly large quantities in every grocery, convenient, and dollar store around?  I understand wanting to buy & eat the junk.  It's sad that it is so "convenient", tasty, readily available, and often times cheap.  I don't see commercials during Saturday morning cartoons for carrots and milk, people.  It's Lucky Charms and Doritos.  Our society is inundated from birth with this stuff.  Some families think they can only afford to eat this way, even though the empty calories leave them only wanting to consume more, which in turn makes them spend just as much on all that crap as they would spend on a decent amount of healthy food.  The products in our grocery stores are not always good for us to eat.  "Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial." 1 Cor. 10:23.  Our society has not grown the fruit of self-control. I have not grown the fruit of self-control.  Lord, help me do only what is beneficial.

Then I get to the checkout line.  beep.  beep.  beep. beep.  Fifty beeps later my total is $225.  Yeah, that should last the week.  Our grocery bill is second only to our mortgage.  Now I know not everyone has a family of nine to feed.  I do my best to buy organic, fresh food.  Nutritious food.  And we are blessed to not go hungry - ever.  Even when there's "nothing to eat" my pantry & fridge have plenty of stuff in them.  Maybe we eat too well.  Did I buy too much?  Did I buy only what we needed?  Probably not.  I love to buy "treats" for my family.  That's not always food, but it's extra money spent that I should be giving to help others, or pay other bills, or just letting my husband work that much less.

So, seeing that I think about all of these things every time I go to the store, is there any wonder why I dislike it?  All of the terrible temptations.  The reminder that there are so many in this world who are hungry.  It's depressing. 

I am so thankful that God has chosen to bless my family abundantly.  Undeserved.  I just want to be mindful in all things; using His blessings correctly.  Spending my money correctly.  Thinking of the less fortunate.  Giving to them, and keeping less for myself.  Providing a healthy, satisfying life for my family, so they can really live. 

This is all so disjointed.  I am not a writer.  Sorry for the rambling.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

summer review

Okay, so June was the media fast & my life hasn't been the same since!  Hence 3 months with no blog...
I allowed my children 2 hours "screen time" per day.  As June was the first month of summer break, I thought the cutbacks might ruin my life.  I anticipated much groaning throughout the long summer days with limited access to electronic pleasures.  Surprisingly, there was little resistance, and fun was had by all!  Jack & I watched NO television, and spent the least amount of time possible on the computer to get our work done.  I played less on my phone, though I do admit to a couple of Facebook posts, and maybe a round or two of Words with Friends.  We had a lot of fun playing games, going for walks, swimming, and just hanging out together.  And, yes, the 2 hour rule stuck - we're still doing it!  I was worried summer break might be the worst time ever for Media month, but it was really awesome!  This month gave focus to what really matters: time with my family, doing things I enjoy instead of sitting on the couch, time with God - reading, worshiping, talking.

July was Waste month.  basically a fast on consumption - trying to make the smallest carbon footprint possible, and making the most of everything we already have, and our time.  I was pretty much a recycling freak already, so this month just gave me an extra boost to try and create less trash in general - recyclable and non-recyclable.  I became more aware of buying things in large containers instead of several smaller ones, or individual servings.  I have a ton of reusable food storage instead of baggies or buying individual servings, and I just portion out everything into those, wash & reuse.  Let me tell you, this family of 9 creates NO MORE than 2 kitchen-sized trash bags of trash per week!   That is also thanks to food month, in which I started buying almost all fresh foods & produce, which generally come with far less packaging than processed junk food.  And our recycle bin overfloweth.  I am seriously considering asking some neighbors if I could add our stuff to their recycle bins as I currently have a large trashcan full of recyclables in the garage in addition to the city bin.  My next goal is to also reduce the amount of recyclable waste - to really use less.  I wish I could say that I started a garden & a compost pile - both things I aspire to do someday.  July is not exactly the best month for starting a garden here in Texas.  I also have a black thumb, not a green one.  I wouldn't know what to do with my compost once it was made.  I guess I should've researched that, but I was really loving not being on the computer even though media month was over.  I also tried to use what we had instead of buying new stuff.  Little things like eating things before they expire, using that can of corn that's been lurking in the corner of the pantry, reusing last years' backpacks if possible, reusable grocery bags instead of plastic...I always try to do that stuff anyway, but there was still room for improvement (and still is).  I love this beautiful world God created & gave us charge over.  This month really gave focus to taking care of what He has given, and not wasting and destroying His creation.

This brings me to August - Spending month.  I was supposed to spend money in only 7 places.  Gas, groceries, home supplies, clothes, etc.  I honestly don't know what happened.  Lack of focus, summer break craziness, just not thinking it was important, i don't know.  This month can be summed up in two words - Epic Fail.  It's possible, and highly probable, that I spent money in MORE places this month than in a typical month.  Maybe we'll try again after next month, which is the final month of the 7 fasts.

Next month is Stress. Pausing 7 times a day for prayer.  Bringing focus back to what really matters.  I'm super excited & really have to learn to use my alarm on my phone! September is shaping up to be an incredibly busy month for me; I'm really gonna need this!

So here's a brief summary if you skimmed the rest of this blog post:
Media month - SUCCESS!
Waste month - Great job!
Spending month - utter failure
Stress month - looks hopeful

I have many other thoughts stirring in my head, so hopefully I'll be posting again soon :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

get out of my house!

so I'm really far behind on blogging about 7 stuff (for those who care). May was possessions month. Getting rid of the excess - 7 things a day, intentionally (not just dropping junk at Goodwill) Honestly, I only did okay. Not for lack of want, but for lack of time. May was a super busy month - soccer games & practices, dance class, end of school activities/plays/parties/concerts/teacher appreciation/etc. Going through everything you own is VERY time-consuming...which is probably only a problem for people like me who have WAY too much stuff! I was (and still am) very motivated to get rid of stuff. I HATE clutter & excess & crap I don't need, use, or want. I LOVE giving to people in need.

I am a member of an online yard sale facebook group for Buda/Kyle. At the first of the month I posted that I was giving stuff away to those in need & to contact me with what you need and if I have it I will give it. I wasn't sure if I would get any responses, but I wasn't quite sure where else to start, so I gave it a try. I actually got several replies (and a few nice comments) from people in need. A mom in need of some 4T boys clothes, a pregnant mom needing 5T boys clothes and baby items, a volunteer at the Hays Women's Shelter asking for childrens' swimming items for their summer programs, and a few other requests that I was unable to satisfy like for a window A/C unit, and little girl clothes. The recipients were so grateful - I loved delivering the items to their houses and seeing the little boys excited for new clothes, and the moms grateful for diapers/bottles/blankets/clothes for their babies on the way. It's a completely different experience than dropping off boxes at Goodwill or Salvation Army. I know those businesses do good work and help the needy, but there's such a disconnect from the beneficiaries of those donations that it usually just feels like, "I'm so glad to have this junk out of my house" instead of, "I'm so glad I could bless someone's life today."

I still have boxes of things in my house, and a ton more to go through and get rid of. I'm not stopping just because the month is over. Jesus knew how possessions can become lord over us - the more we have, the more enslaved we are to it. Having a big house comes with big maintenance bills, having computers comes with internet bills, too many clothes - more dressers and closet space needed, the list goes on. I'm not saying we're getting rid of everything, but there is absolutely no reason for every corner of my 3500 square foot home to be packed. I would LOVE to have an empty closet somewhere in the house, or nothing in the attic, or a garage with usable space for projects. I practically wear the same 10 shirts over and over, so why do I need 3 rails full of clothes in my closet. There is a woman at a shelter in need of nice work clothes for her new secretary job, or a homeless man that could get work if he just had some decent interview clothes. St. Louise house needs furniture and other home goods for their apartments for homeless single moms (they let the women take everything with them when they are able to move into housing of their own). I have cupboards full of dishes I never use.

I'm so excited about the freedom I feel in giving things away. And have you even thought about how much easier cleaning is when there's less to clean around? I'm also planning a garage sale (when I'm finally done going through everything) where I'll be giving all the money to a charity (my heart is for orphans and I'm partial to HELP, Family Legacy, and Compassion, so maybe dividing it between them). The possibilities are endless. We have so much to give. We need so much less than we think we do, and if we can just really grasp that and stop consuming and start giving we can make such a big difference.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

pity party at my house!

sometimes, as a mom, I feel like my life is on hold. It's such a funny thing to say. My children grow so quickly, time flies by, but I feel like I'm standing still. Like it's all going on around me, and I'm frozen in time in the moment I became a mother.
I don't feel this way all the time, but there are days, like today, when there is something I really want to do, but can't because I'm a mom, and this world is not always set up in such a way that allows moms to pursue their desires. I wouldn't trade my babies for anything! They are my life's work. And I know I'm pretty selfish sometimes and want to do what I want to do, and just have some fun, and then cry when I can't. I know God wants me to be a mom; I'm not sure an important part of His plan for my life is singing or crafting or going out. So when I can't do those things, I probably shouldn't be such a big baby about it. It's part of the package deal - responsibility and sacrifice for these beautiful gifts God has chosen to give me. It's really a beautiful reminder of the love and sacrifice of Jesus. He gave all he had, his life, for his children. I am happy to give up my own wants and ambitions for my children.

gosh! could you just let me have a pity party for a little while!?!

Friday, April 27, 2012


thanks to food month of "7" I am only 6 pounds away from a weight I would be totally happy with. So why do I avoid looking at myself in the mirror like the plague? Well, atleast when I'm naked. I admit, I don't look half bad when fully clothed. But I hate my naked body. I have had 7 children - need I say more? I'm covered in stretch marks of all shapes and sizes from my armpits to my thighs. My skin hangs and sags from being stretched to capacity. Nothing is firm, smooth, or perky like it was when I was 19 (before I had kids). Because it's clothes month of 7, I've been sleeping in just a sports bra and underwear because I can't waste precious clothing items on sleepwear. I was lying on my side the other night, and for some strange reason looked down at myself. I never want to see myself in that position again - EVER! Let's just say gravity was not working in my favor. I've heard women say they love their stretch marks. I've heard them called "battle scars." I'm sorry, what war were you fighting? I was growing babies, not entrenched in some kind of battle against good and evil. I've heard them called "love lines." While that one certainly has a sweeter sound, the marks on my body have nothing to do with how much I love my children. They simply show that my skin couldn't handle 45 pounds of rapid weight gain. I love my beautiful children, and I wouldn't change anything, even if I knew then what my body would look like now. They are worth every sag, bulge, and line. But unlike many women, I can't talk myself into loving what childbearing has done to my body. I'm not sure that's a bad thing. I'm realistic and practical, and sugar-coating is part of my diet, not my personality. I'm a positive person, and I look on the bright side, but I'm also honest. This dislike of my exposed body doesn't hold me back in any way, except from wearing a bikini in the summer - you're welcome! Let me also say how blessed I am to have a husband who constantly tells me how beautiful I am, head to toe, growing or shrinking, firm or saggy. Without him I might not be okay with how I look. I hate my body, and I'm totally fine with that. ***"7" update: My favorite t-shirt now has 3 tiny holes in the bottom front. Will this stop me from wearing it after clothes month is over? I think not! Hopefully they don't get bigger, though. Casualty of wearing the same thing over and over. I know this is something the poor deal with - except it might not be "favorite" but "only"

Friday, April 13, 2012

clothes month, so far

Okay, so my biggest concern thus far with clothes month of 7 is my pants getting too tight since food month is over. that, and that my 5 items of clothing will "wear out" with the constant washing and wearing. Really hoping they don't since I've got my 2 favorite shirts and my favorite jeans.
I lost 10 pounds last month, and let's just say the Easter candy is doing its part in putting it back on. evil candy. and what I mean by "evil candy" is "I really have self-control issues when it comes to sweets."
On a more spiritual note, I get the feeling my concerns of out-growing or wearing out my clothes are not totally superficial. What if these were my only 5 (and 2 shoes) items to wear indefinately? It wouldn't matter if these were my favorite things, 'cause they would be my ONLY things. While I hope they stay in good shape because I love them, I know I have plenty of other things to wear if they do wear out by the time this month is over. What if I didn't? Would I take better care of what I do have to make it last?
Also, I'm totally happy just wearing these clothes. I occasionally miss my "comfy pants" and a sweater would be nice at times, but I'm a jeans & t-shirt gal, so this has not been a problem. And it is awesome to not think at all about what to wear in the morning. I just put on my clothes and go. No thought about mood, how it fits, if I want to look "cute" or whatever. It's simple.

This will definatly tie in well with next month as I address possessions and get rid of 7 things a day. I really don't need most of the things in my closet. REALLY! I see a great purge coming, and I'm really excited!

Monday, April 2, 2012

month 2 begins

well, I survived food month of 7. barely. i cheated. several times. forgive me.
Let me tell you what an amazing God we serve. Have you ever thought about how much thought went in to every piece of food we eat? It's hard to fathom that there are thousands of different kinds of plants and animals we eat, and each one provides unique combinations of nutrients that our bodies need. And yet, they are not so different and diverse that we have to actually eat one of every kind to get the proper nutrition for our bodies. I ate only seven of them for 30 days (okay, we're not counting when I failed miserably) and I didn't lose any hair or teeth, I didn't shrivel up and die, I didn't even have to go to the doctor for malnutrition. (quick reminder, my foods were eggs, yogurt, apples, sweet potatoes, spinach, whole wheat bread, and avocados. Plus salt, pepper, and olive other seasonings) Of course I had severe bouts of sugar withdrawals. okay, tantrums. lying on the floor screaming. crying. But in general I felt great - even lost an easy 10 pounds. God loves to give us choices, and an amazing variety, but he also created us to NEED so very little. This month was hard for a fat, lazy American with HEB Plus (as in plus-sized pants), about 20 fast food restaurants in a 10 mile radius (this number would be much higher if I lived in the city) and a pantry the size of a small bedroom that I regularly stock with goodies from Sam's. And need I even mention Starbuck's? Temptation is everywhere. And oh so delicious. and how my heart aches for the disgusting ways we distort God's creations and turn it into things that can hardly be called "food" and serve it to eachother, and our children, and say,"Why don't I have energy? Why don't my clothes fit anymore? Why is my health failing?" Why indeed.
I had to constantly ask myself,"what do I NEED?" People in other countries LIVE on rice and beans, or other such staples, in limited supply. "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." Matt 5:6 Lord, if righteousness could be the only thing I hungered and thirsted for! I know God is changing me. I'm excited to see what the next 6 months hold.
which brings me to today. Jack and I started Clothes month. I hope this month is easy, but it took me about 2 hours to decide which 7 items I should choose. (fyi - socks and underwear don't count - thank the Lord) I have 2 black t-shirts (my favorites) and one green v-neck jersey blouse for when I need color, or need to look cute. I also have one pair of dark blue jeans and some black denim capris. A pair of cute flip flops & my favorite "loafers" in case my feet are cold or it rains. That's it. Lord help me if a formal occasion arises or if we get a strong cold front! The good side of this, not having to think about what to wear. Bad side - my bad body odor which will have me washing clothes every other day. Either that or my baby getting all kinds of strange things smeared all over me which also results in ridiculous amounts of laundry. It's gross how many articles of clothing are in my closet. I haven't counted yet. I haven't worked up the courage.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Do over

7 update- we're just gonna pretend yesterday never happened. God forgives.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

where does the time go? Blogging, I guess :)

Been feeling inspired lately to sew. Like taking old clothes & turning them into something new. Haven't had much time to work on anything yet, though. I'm really hoping to have something to post about soon! Gotta work on something before the inspiration is gone. I'd love to have some stuff to put on Etsy. Which reminds me that I also have a ton of stuff to post on Etsy and I haven't yet. Plus I have to work on taxes for my in-laws and for us. Not to mention the non-stop cooking and cleaning required for a family of 9. And oh, how I would LOVE to squeeze in a bubble bath somewhere....maybe after hauling kids to dance, soccer, and baseball, preparing & eating dinner, and before washing dishes and folding laundry. Nope, I have to put the kids in bed during that time. Okay, I'm totally free at 11:30pm, unless of course, I'd like to get some decent sleep before waking up at 5:30 with Leif and then again at 6:45 to get the kids off to school. Is it dangerous to sleep in a bubble bath? Just wondering...I love to multi-task :)

7 update - okay, so i needed some calcium since I'm still weening Leif, so I swapped out the chicken for yogurt. (not to mention, it's sweet - feeling a little like I'm getting away with something)

I had 2 really easy days, but then this morning I battled hard against creamer in my coffee and chocolate chip waffles. Proud to say I won!

It's really amazing how little we truly NEED. I'm feeling pretty great now that the sugar withdrawals are subsiding, and eating so much less. Weight loss is a beautiful side effect! I am going to start buying mostly fruits & veggies for kids to snack on - please pray for peace in my house. They will not hesitate to make me miserable over it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

On the brink of destruction

Okay, I'm not gonna lie - the past two days have been really hard! I must be an addict. I'm actually enjoying all of the foods that I've chosen (not tired of them yet) but not having sugar is killing me! I've nearly cried three times today because I couldn't eat something sweet. Some people may think that apples are sweet. Well, they're wrong. For a candy-holic like me, they may as well be a raw potato! And I've been eating some delicious apples; they just don't give me my fix.
I also almost ate a piece of cheese today. ALMOST! Don't judge me!

Okay. that's it. Just needed to get that off my chest.

In case you're curious, my 7 foods are
Sweet potatoes
Whole wheat bread

That just reminded me that I haven't even eaten any avocados because mine are not ripe yet! I refuse to subject myself to the torture of a grocery store just to find some ripe avocados, so alas, I have only eaten 6 foods for the last two days. Is gonna be a long month, people. Pray for me please!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

and so it begins

I have not talked about this with anyone, really, except the group and Jack. Today Jack and I are beginning a mutiny against excess. I have read the book "7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess" by Jen Hatmaker (happens to be my pastor's wife) and was compelled to go on this journey the minute I started reading it. I am in the wealthiest 1% of the world. I complain that I don't have enough money for the things I want (i.e. shoes, nice vacations around the world, clothes, paying for every activity I want to force my kids to participate in, date nights with the hubby). I am rich and I tell myself I'm poor. I have everything I need, and still want more. And where is God in any of this? It's all about me & having more. Well no more! NO MORE!
Month 1 - Food. Jack & I have each chosen 7 foods that we will consume exclusively for the next 30 days. Most of the world eats this way - having a few staples that make up every meal, and if they're lucky, it's more than one meal a day. As I battle my desires to eat everything delicious, I pray that God would show me my part in serving the least. God put us here with our big, beautiful house, amazing jobs, kitchen full of food. I don't feel guilty about having these blessings from God. It is part of His plan. But I doubt He has blessed us so generously so we can hoard it all for ourselves and waste it on frivolous things while every 5 seconds a child dies due to hunger related causes. That's not the Jesus I follow.
God, use this fast (of sorts) to open my eyes. Give me your heart; give me your mind; give me your strength. Amen
If anyone wants to join me, the book & e-book are available at and I'm more than happy to support you.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life is hard, but it's beautiful!

I have a friend whose husband is moving out soon. That is heartbreaking to me. They have a 3 year old daughter. I have no idea what she must be feeling right now, except that my heart aches for the pain she must be going through. When someone is going through a hard time, many people ask "why" and might not understand why God would let that happen. Not just divorce, but in any struggle or need. I already know why bad things happen; it's called sin. It's you and me waking up every morning and deciding to do what feels good instead of what is right. We cause pain in other people's lives just like they cause pain in ours. But God does not leave us there. The beautiful part is that God can use us to ease the pain for others and he uses others to help ease our own pain. It's an amazing thing that happens to people when they are aware of someone else's need. The wildfires in Bastrop last year mobilized hundreds, if not thousands, of people to clean out their closets & pantries in such a way that too much was donated! Can you believe that? There was so much stuff they couldn't give it all away! See there - something bad turned into a beautiful display of love and compassion.
I don't know what to say or do for my friend, but I love her and I know God will tell me how I can help if I will stop thinking about myself long enough to hear it. And maybe some of my friends reading this have some suggestions for ways I can help her too :)

so, i'm blogging...

Where do I even begin? This is not my first time to blog, but let's be honest, my first blog attempt was so long ago I didn't even know where to find it, so I just started this one. It most likely had no more than three posts, so no big loss.
I've been asked on more than one occasion if I have a blog. For some reason there are people out there who care what I'm thinking. I guess I understand, as I feel that way about other people, but my mind is such a whirlwind most of the time, a blog by me could be too disjointed to interest anyone. But what the heck, here we go!
This blog won't have a theme, because I just don't have time to organize blogs into themes. One girl, one blog, all my mess! I'm sure along the way I'll talk about crafts I'm working on, raising 7 kids, having an awesome marriage, running a small cleaning business, singing, reading, word games, math, God. So if you're willing to expose yourself to such an array of mind muddle, welcome to the freak show! This blog's for you :)