Friday, November 2, 2012

Stressful September

I recently realized I am a month overdue on blogging about my Seven fast for September: Stress. That month was special.  I felt it deep down.  A centeredness.  A focus on what really matters.

September was a CRAZY busy month for us as a family. The twins were playing 7th grade football with before school practices; they are also in band with after school practices; Carter had flag football; Paden, Fox, and Carter started soccer season; Zion was in dance class; Carter, Zion, and Titus were in the swim league; Carter and Zion are in choir (at 2 different elementary schools); Jack was putting in studio time on his upcoming EP; Leif kept making dirty diapers for me to change lol Did I mention work, school, and church? We did those, too! I even managed to find time to feed everyone every day. You're amazed, aren't you?

I don't often feel "stressed" but I do feel busy and rushed (um, read above.  duh.).  I get so focused on all the tasks that I forget about the big picture. Some might say it's counterintuitive to add more "things to do" on your daily list to help relieve stress. The only way I could even keep up with pausing 7 times a day was to set the alarm on my phone to go off every 3 hours.  I learned that by day 3, after rushing right on past the times I was supposed to stop and pray, wondering how anyone could possibly remember to do that, and then realizing how amazing technology is.  Once I got that nifty little tool on my side, it was smooth sailing.  With so much going on, I desperately needed time to quiet my mind. Resting in God gave me the mega dose of patience I needed to make it through. 

Each pause had a theme that was just right for that time of day.  I'm tearing up just thinking about it.  It feels so good to be in God's presence.  To stop and talk.  And listen.  And seek His guidance and wisdom and will.  To be reminded of what matters, what I should be focused on, and how I can turn all my tasks and errands and busyness into glorifying Him. Wow.  He is good. 

And what a great training exercise.  I don't have alarms set on my phone anymore, although some days I really need them.  But I find myself praying more often throughout the day, and asking God to lead me.  I'm also more eager to read scripture (probably the biggest weakness in my faith). 

I would encourage everyone to do all of the 7 fasts that I went through (errr, even the one I kinda skipped....oops)  Maybe not for a whole month each, but maybe a week, or even two days each.  I'd love to know if anyone else has tried any of them, or would like to.  And I'm more than happy to share my copy of the book :)


  1. love reading your adventure through this. You are an amazing lady and love seeing your love for God grow. And I'm amazed at how you get all the kids to where they need to go!! YOU ROCK! And you even made time to see me during the month :) You really are a great friend!